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November 21 11:38 2020

John M. Brewer is the author of more than a dozen Golden books including: Quadrille; Golden Mary; Matthew Dobbs, Esquire; Terpsichore; Millwood Village, LC; Good Man’s Croft; Pilgrim’s Journey; Quests; Badger’s Town; Treasures Regained; Targets; Rogue Lord; and Journey of a Patriot. His passion for storytelling remains undimmed thanks to a life that has taken him to many places and inspired truly moving work, but what drives him to continue to write after all these years? In a recent interview Brewer sat down and spoke about his motivations, passions, and interests.

“I’ve been inventing stories since I was a child, and I have always read widely. These two things combine to give my imagination the inspiration and energy it needs to keep pushing me to write. Writing is an escape for me. It allows me to get all those thoughts, feelings, and ideas down on paper so I can share them with the world. Sharing my way of looking at things, telling stories, is something which really matters to me.”

With all of the work he had written over the years, does a favorite come to mind? Or perhaps a book that was more challenging than the others?

“Books are the children of one’s imagination, in the sense that you like different things about them. You also find certain aspects of them more difficult to write than you would have expected. Really they’re all part of a wider writing project which I hope has some impact on the world, no matter how big or small. If just one person were to sit and reflect on something I’d written, and it gave them pleasure or enjoyment (escape) to some extent, I would feel that writing it was time well spent.”

Fascinating, so what is he looking to achieve over the coming 12-18 months?

“My imagination is constantly bringing up new stories, so I want to continue to get them down on paper. Writing really is a habit that lasts a lifetime, and I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. If there are any areas that my readers would like me to write about, I’d like to hear about them. It’s this kind of feedback that really helps shape who a writer is, what they choose to write about, and the way they connect with their audience. In the meantime, I hope that you’ll find more than enough to keep you interested in my previous work.”

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