In only 6 months, Goodnovel joins the top rank among the United States’ online novels reading Applications

January 27 11:42 2021

GoodNovel, based in Singapore, is an open platform focusing on the creation of original online novels. And in just 6 months of its launch, it has been ranked among the top of the US online writing industry through its remarkable performance. Furthermore, it has reached the top 3 (for book mobile applications) in more than 50 countries on Google Play and App Store.

From general understanding, GoodNovel is a professional online novel incubator that integrates writing platform, writer training and novel promotion. GoodNovel contains tons of popular and exclusive original publications, from werewolves, urban romance stories, to men-growing stories, attracting many readers from different age groups and countries.

So what is it that makes GoodNovel such a popular platform? And why is it that authors choose to sign with Goodnovel? Here are some basic insights.

Firstly, GoodNovel has an extremely thorough and professional author-signing mechanism.

Anyone can write an original story on GoodNovel, and a professional editorial team will review the story content one-on-one and send an invitation to sign up. Once the review is passed, the authors can sign a contract with GoodNovel and then receive the net revenue share. Talking about authors’ earnings, one GoodNovel member revealed that the profile of authors earning more than $1,500/month, among which the youngest author was only in her early 20s and was a highly professional writers with a very high level of expertise. “You’d never know how fascinating the story you wrote is”, a belief comes from GoodNovel members, bringing them the super professional attitude towards all novel writers.

Secondly, through self promotion and with the help of GoodNovel’s Operations Team, GoodNovel can quickly help original authors obtain more readers, and more reasonable profits. This is another reason why many authors choose GoodNovel to publish their stories. Because of its efficient advertising and promotion, GoodNovel is able to share more updated novels for readers, and give every story a chance to expose.

Furthermore, GoodNovel is gathering momentum because of the professional members. The members of GN team, immersed in the online fiction industry for many years, are highly sensitive to online novels. Similar to Wattpad, GoodNovel is pursuing to promote the most fabulous and newest novels to readers and are holding the sincere attitude towards writing. Moreover, GoodNovel, as a younger online fiction platform with a more creative business model, is challanging these established products.

It is believed that with more rapid iteration and more original contents, GoodNovel will be a more anticipated fiction writing platform and reading base. So, let us wait and see the growth of GoodNovel in 2021.

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