Global Village Aims To Be Home for Family Trinity of Fortune 500 Companies

August 02 16:21 2021

Following last week’s international news announcement at the Global Village Press Conference, the founder of China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG) – Yan Jiehe, announced that his corporation, which was ranked last year as the 75th most valuable company in the world, will be split into three new business enterprises. The newly reformed CPCG will retain 60% of the assets, and will be managed by Yan Hao, the son of the founder, who was given the Chairman of the Board as a gift on his wedding day of 13th November 2011. In attendance at that momentous occasion was US President Bill Clinton, and Nobel Laureate for Economics – Edmund Phelps. Daughter of the founder, Yan Xin will take over the remaining 40% assets, operating as Susun Group. CPCG original founder will regroup with his own newly created Zhuangyan Group, which will include a private Think Tank focus on the future investments and development of national infrastructure projects.

Chairman Yan with US President Bill Clinton
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG

Although the split will drive CPCG down the Global Fortune 500 ranking, it is envisaged that Susun Group will join the original parent group back into this top 500 list by next year. And the target is for a complete trinity of top 500 global companies by taking Zhuangyan Group into this prestigious position by 2030. These three family owned business empires will be housed in the futuristic Global Village under construction, located within Jiangsu Province in Caoyun Township of Huai’an City. This US$15 billion investments by the Yan family will push the revitalization of China’s rural areas. The Global Village is bordered to the east by the majestic grandeur of the Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal, the Huaihe River to the north, and Yangzhou City in the south.

Susun Group will focus on global strategic programs involved in the infrastructure sectors of national highways, municipal constructions, water conservancy, building and landscape designs. It plans to become the leading technology-based enterprise in China, through innovative and intelligent applications of its infrastructure programs. Zhuangyan Group will build nine centers of excellence, that will include training center, medical facilities, business, education and exhibition centers.

Chairpersons (left to right): Yan Xin of Susun Group, Yan Jiehe of Zhuangyan Group, and Yan Hao of CPCG
Photographic Collection owned by CPCG

For those that may consider the Yan Family goals of achieving three Top Global Fortune 500 companies to be far too ambitious, should be aware that the founding father Yan Jiehe, started with the equivalent of only US$15,000 in 1992 onto this road of mega success that he has already accomplished in less than three decades.


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